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Creative Counseling Connections, LLC

28 S. Water Street, Suite 206
Batavia, IL 60510

Tel: (630) 865-8399
Fax:(630) 326-9605

What is Creative Counseling Connections?

We believe in empowering clients to reach their full potential by providing services that are strengths-based, holistic, practical and focused on the mind-body connection. We believe that these traits are what supports clients in reaching and sustaining innate resiliency skills.

Resources / Referrals

I am fully aware that I do not have the training or skills to appropriately work with every single client. Each and every client is unique and may require someone with special training or personality that makes the therapeutic bonds needed to facilitate change. I believe it is my ethical duty to make sure clients are aware of this.

I always tell my new clients that you will know if we are a good match within the first one to three sessions. If you do not feel we are a therapeutic match, please let me know. This is not about me or my feelings. This is about you and helping you work through what ever brought you to therapy in the first place. I will even help you find someone that may be a better fit.

The following are therapists and agencies in the area that I personally am aware of. In most cases I know these professionals on a professional and / or personal level.

Occupational Health