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Creative Counseling Connections

28 S. Water Street, Suite 206
Batavia, IL 60510

Tel: (630) 865-8399
Fax:(630) 879-9109

New Course

Image 1The aim of this course is to help educate, familiarize and reinforce maintaining abstinence from drugs and alcohol. This course will inform participants on the various drug classifications, associated risks and repercussions. The short term and long term damaging effects that drugs have on the brain will also be reviewed. Refusal skills will be explored. At the end of the program participants will be quizzed on the knowledge gained from the program. A letter and/or certificate of completion will be provided to participants upon successfully completing set criteria.
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New Counseling Groups

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A versatile skill building group targeting adolescent males age 14-18 who require additional education in areas of awareness, coping, confidence, emotional regulation, problem solving and time management.

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New Counselors Join Rob

Meet some of my independent colleagues
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Erica Lamb

Khristy Wilson

Melissa Burian

Paty Nunez

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Office in Historic downtown Batavia

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The office of Rob Castillo is located in Batavia, IL near the historic downtown area. There is plenty of free off street parking as well as plentiful parking lots in the immediate surrounding area.

The office is located in Suite 201 of Tower Business Center. Unfortunately, our building is not handicap accessible, however if this presents a problem please let me know and I will see if other arrangements can be made.

When you first enter our waiting room, you will notice comfortable chairs and soothing music welcome you as you wait to be called for your session to begin. If it is your very first session, you may be asked to come in a little early to complete necessary paperwork.

Every effort is made to make your therapy experience a pleasurable one. I have attempted to make the therapy room(s) as comfortable as possible while at the same time not wanting to be too distracting.

I have a variety of coffee (regular and decaf), teas, hot chocolate and apple cider that will hopefully add an informal conversational atmosphere to our time together.